Banish Winter Skin!

Banish Winter Skin!

Did this year's winter leave anyone else's skin totally dry and in need of some serious rejuvenation? We at Plum Home + Design are feeling the same way. Lucky for us, there are some amazing local ladies who create the most natural and renewing skin care out there. 

Here is what is on our checklist this spring to help us achieve that dewy, healthy skin we all aspire to have:

Good Morning Beautiful by Happy Spritz

Perhaps our newest skincare addition to the Plum family, Happy Spritz's all natural products have become an instant staple in our store. Our particular favourite to get us ready for warmer weather is "Good Morning Beautiful," the facial spray to put all others to shame. Made from citrus and lemon peel, this spray will rejuvenate your senses and get you ready for the day ahead. 

Shop Happy Spritz here.

Bloom 23 from My Daughter's Fragrance

When My Daughter's Fragrance came out with Bloom 23 last summer, we held a party in its honour. Let us tell you, the celebration around it has not worn off. This light scent is made with vanilla and sandalwood and definitely gives us some warm weather vibes. 

Shop My Daughter's Fragrance here. 

Lolita Face Drops from Pura Botanicals

If the luscious scent doesn't get you hooked, the softness of your skin definitely will! Pura Botanical's Lolita Face Drops has been our staple all winter, so it only makes sense to continue the ritual for the spring and bask in the results. Like Lane from Pura says, "In Pure We Trust."

Shop Pura Botanicals here

Castille Soap from PLANTiful


We love when you can bring home something that you are sure is good quality, good for the environment, and just plain yummy. PLANTiful's soaps check off all of those categories. Amy even takes it one step further by planting seeds in her labels. So once you'e unwrapped your new delicious soap, you can plant the label and grow wildflowers! If that doesn't fit in perfectly with the spring season, we don't know what does. 

Shop PLANTiful here.

Regardless of what your springtime skincare ritual is, we hope it leaves you feel fresh and renewed after the harsh winter months!

March 08, 2016 — Breanne Steinke

Jewelry for your hot Valentine's Day date

The reservation is set, you've checked out the wine list online, and now you just have to figure out what to wear on your date with your sweetie this Valentine's Day! 

As you know, we are big fans of beautiful jewelry. The right necklace or earrings can take your outfit from hum-drum to stunning in just a matter of seconds.  So while you're picking out your outfit for date night, take a look at these stunning pieces for inspiration:

Mini Intuition Necklace

Sometimes the most beautiful creations are thought up right in your own backyard. So Pretty by Cara Cotter hails from Edmonton, and her mini intuition necklace wraps moonstone in carefully crafted 18K gold vermeil, resulting in a necklace that is bright as it is fashionable. Wear this one over a loose dress for a trendy look sure to turn heads! 

Loren Hope Cuffs 

Nothing turns heads quite like clear crystal, and Loren Hope's small Sarra Cuff is the perfect example of that! Every time a customer comes in after purchasing one, they always remark on the comments they receive from people who happen to catch its sparkle. Wear this one out on the town and be ready for some compliments!

Trillium Necklace

You can almost hear the ocean when you put on one of Leah Alexandra's pieces. Taking inspiration from her coastal home in Vancouver, each ring, earring, and necklace is crafted with care and creativity. Right now, we are obsessed with her labradorite sunny ear jackets. They add an extra bit of depth to your jewelry collection, and we know there are some people out there who automatically love anything made with labradorite! 

Tassel Necklace

Have plans that fall a little bit more on the casual side this Valentine's Day? That doesn't mean you can't bring you jewelry A-game! Berg + Bett's tassel necklaces are a staple for a casual-chic outfit. Made from rescued leather from Edmonton's own Poppy Barley, and crafted into a necklace with a brass bullet casing, these necklaces will have you feeling on point all evening. 

Whatever you decide to rock this Valentine's Day, we know you'll look fantastic! 

February 02, 2016 — Breanne Steinke
Our Favourite Ways to Sprinkle a Little Love

Our Favourite Ways to Sprinkle a Little Love

At Plum Home + Design, we want to put the love back in Valentine’s Day. Of course, people can and do show their love everyday, but Valentine’s give us the opportunity to really think about the intention behind our gestures. Do we want to just shower our special someone with gifts that may end up sitting in the back of our drawer, or do we want to gift them with something that will become part of the love story itself?
Sometimes it’s the beautiful item with a story behind it that we remember forever, and not the catchy card.
Sometimes it’s the small and thoughtful gift that brings a smile to our face, and not the big diamond. 
Sometimes it's the little sprinkle of love that goes a long way, and not the grand gesture. 
In that spirit, here are our favourite ways to sprinkle a little love this Valentine’s Day:


Gift her a little sparkle

There’s nothing we love more than learning the inspiration behind a necklace, or the craft that goes into making a bracelet. Our jewelry suppliers embody this sense of story. Loren Hope hand-crafts all her jewelry (and even hand colours the glass!), and Leah Alexandra turns to Vancouver’s relaxed ocean mentality to find inspiration for her pieces. And it shows, every piece we carry demonstrates the care and attention that went into making it. Your leading lady will be amazed at the attention you put into getting her something made with such care and detail. 
 Give her the gift she'll actually love
Let's say Valentine's Day rolls around and your girlfriend doesn't usually wear jewelry. In the past have you bought her some anyways because you felt like it was the gesture you were supposed to make? What if we told you that you'd be much better off getting her a less "romantic" gift, but one she'll love all the same? Is she a home decor devotee? Maybe our Torre & Tagus Diamond Deco Bowl is the right fit then this Valentine's Day. Or if she's a proud Edmontonian, our YEG tote is right up her alley. The care you put into getting her the thing she'll actually love will add all the romance into the gift itself, no diamonds required!  
All the single ladies 
Single this Valentine's Day? No big deal. Get together your favourite group of girls and celebrate Galentine's Day! Arrive at your bestie's house with a bottle of wine all wrapped up in one of our Kate Spade wine totes, put on your favourite playlist, and have a dance party! 
We haven't forgotten those dapper gentlemen
Valentine’s Day isn’t all for the ladies, you know. Sometimes it’s even harder to think of the perfect gift for that guy you love so much. Gifts for men is one of our best kept secrets at Plum Home + Design. We can't count the number of times a customer has expressed sheer delight in finding the perfect gift for her guy and then saying, "I had no idea you sold things for men too!" Our Stolen Riches shoelaces are a perfect example. Or is your guy a beer expert? Our tasting papers are right up his alley then! 
Whatever you decide to get your significant other this Valentine's Day, just remember to give it with a little bit of thought and a lot of love. 
January 26, 2016 — Breanne Steinke