Banish Winter Skin!

Did this year's winter leave anyone else's skin totally dry and in need of some serious rejuvenation? We at Plum Home + Design are feeling the same way. Lucky for us, there are some amazing local ladies who create the most natural and renewing skin care out there. 

Here is what is on our checklist this spring to help us achieve that dewy, healthy skin we all aspire to have:

Good Morning Beautiful by Happy Spritz

Perhaps our newest skincare addition to the Plum family, Happy Spritz's all natural products have become an instant staple in our store. Our particular favourite to get us ready for warmer weather is "Good Morning Beautiful," the facial spray to put all others to shame. Made from citrus and lemon peel, this spray will rejuvenate your senses and get you ready for the day ahead. 

Shop Happy Spritz here.

Bloom 23 from My Daughter's Fragrance

When My Daughter's Fragrance came out with Bloom 23 last summer, we held a party in its honour. Let us tell you, the celebration around it has not worn off. This light scent is made with vanilla and sandalwood and definitely gives us some warm weather vibes. 

Shop My Daughter's Fragrance here. 

Lolita Face Drops from Pura Botanicals

If the luscious scent doesn't get you hooked, the softness of your skin definitely will! Pura Botanical's Lolita Face Drops has been our staple all winter, so it only makes sense to continue the ritual for the spring and bask in the results. Like Lane from Pura says, "In Pure We Trust."

Shop Pura Botanicals here

Castille Soap from PLANTiful


We love when you can bring home something that you are sure is good quality, good for the environment, and just plain yummy. PLANTiful's soaps check off all of those categories. Amy even takes it one step further by planting seeds in her labels. So once you'e unwrapped your new delicious soap, you can plant the label and grow wildflowers! If that doesn't fit in perfectly with the spring season, we don't know what does. 

Shop PLANTiful here.

Regardless of what your springtime skincare ritual is, we hope it leaves you feel fresh and renewed after the harsh winter months!

March 08, 2016 — Breanne Steinke