The best way to make your artisanal soap last much longer is to keep it nice and dry.  This is why we design and cut our own soap saver to accompany your favourite Like Grandpa soap.

This gorgeous wood Soap Saver is made out of 100% cedar and is perfect to hold your Beard/Shampoo Bars or any other type of soap. The intersecting cross cuts, allow the water to drip off of your soap, making it last much longer than sitting in water.  Solid construction means no glue or joints to worry about.  Lightly oiled, ready to use.

Care Instructions: Periodically, oil with your favourite cutting board oil or balm to keep the wood hydrated and waterproof.

NOTE:  Because this is a natural product, each saver is unique with different colourings of dark and light veins, as well as naturally occurring knots and imperfections.  No two soap savers look identical.