Baby Balm

Keep your little one's skin happy and healthy with this organic Baby Balm from Plentiful! 

Excellent at keeping away diaper rash and soothing the skin.

  • 2 oz. container.

What's in it?
Organic, herbal infused ingredients, all the way through.

It's made with Alberta beeswax, organic fairtrade shea butter, organic extra-virgin olive oil that has been infused with chamomile, calendula, and rosehips to add anti-inflammatory properties. In addition there are a tiny bit of essential oils of lavender and bergamot, which also help with anti-inflammatory properties and skin soothing elements.

How do you use it?
After each diaper change, take a small amount and rub into baby's skin and viola! It's that simple. It goes on easy and soaks right in. It's also an excellent balm for anywhere your babe has dry skin. It soothes craddle cap, and owies no problem!

- Herbal infused olive oil (we make our own with local herbs: chamomile, calendula, and Edmonton rosehips)
- Alberta Beeswax
- organic essential oils of lavender, bergamot, and frankincense.

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