Bloom 23 Spritzer

It’s a springtime birthday, a white linen picnic in gentle sun. It’s a day, a season, a life of potential. It’s divine femininity; as flawlessly classical as the immaculate blooms of an unfolding gardenia flower, the blossom of which makes up the fragrance’s heart.

Rounded with rich vanilla and soft ylang ylang, Bloom 23 is clean, clear, and light; a pristine scent to make one’s own.

  • 10 ml spritzer
  • FREE FROM: Colorants, Phthalates, Parabens, Animal Products
  • FULL OF: Essential Oils, Lovely Resins, Beautiful Absolutes
  • Made in Alberta, Canada
  • My Daughter's Fragrance is compounded in France, and then sent back to Canada to be cured, blended, filtered, bottled and packaged all by the owner's family. Truly a labour of love! 

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