Much more than a tool for positive reinforcement, this concept is no more and no less than a tool for citizenship education!

With each good move, the children accumulate wooden tokens that they can exchange for rewards that will be placed in the General Store box. Tasks accomplished, independent gestures and good behaviour allow children to collect tokens. The more tokens accumulated, the greater the reward.


- Become independent and adopt good behaviours

- Participate in household chores

- Become familiar with numbers from 0 to 100 as well as with different mathematical operations such as addition and subtraction.

- Understand the concept of saving, depositing, withdrawing and virtual money thanks to the savings book and debit card.

  • 1 foldable box "general store".
  • 2 savings book to count his chips
  • 15 privilege coupons to reward children
  • 2 savings books
  • 2 debit cards
  • 4 discount coupons
  • 35 wooden tokens in a nice reusable bag
  • 1 sheet of repositionable stickers for the tokens
  • 1 sheet of repositionable stickers coupons, name labels and number of tokens
  • 1 sheet of repositionable transparent stickers to decorate the box