Once you have placed your order you will hear from us and we will gather all of your details. 
Please note if this is a gift. 
Prices of portraits may change without notice. The price of your portrait is guaranteed for 6 months from the time of purchase. In the case of a price change you will be issued a gift card to apply to the difference.  
The custom piece is an original watercolour illustration, capturing you and your family, friends, dogs  through a charming family mini portrait, complete with a banner bearing your family name. 
Mini portraits are portraits done from the chest upwards. Full body illustrations are not offered at this time. 

Made with love on acid free archival 140 lb watercolour paper, the mini portrait will come in two sizes: 5x7 or 8x10 inches.

The illustrations will come individually packaged, unframed and signed by Mabel Garcia of I LOVE THE MOON 
**PLEASE NOTE: Discount codes are not applicable to the Mini Family Portraits


How it works:

Choose the size/number of subjects from the options below. (Please note: A pet is counted as a "subject") 
The Plum team will email you and ask you for the image you wish to have illustrated.
 You will have the choice of choosing from a gold or silver trim banner, or a wreath with the colours of your choosing. You will also get to choose if you would like the banner back-ground to be black, or a complimentary colour to the portrait. 
Please ensure the image is detailed enough to determine hair colour, style, clothing, and accessories you would like illustrated in the portrait.
If you would like to have a electronic version of your illustration, please add the add-on to your shopping cart! 


Plum Home + Design will notify you when the order is ready.

Your custom watercolour mini portrait may be picked up in store or shipped with your other items purchased from Plum Home + Design.